Research group Cross-Media Quality Journalism

The research group Quality journalism in Digital Transition (formerly known as: Crossmedia Quality Journalism), also known as JournalismLab, is connected to the School of Journalism in Utrecht and does research on the impact of digitalization on journalism practice and education. JournalismLab carries out research in three areas: journalistic storytelling, research and education. The research always consists of scientific methods, a connection to the journalism practice and to education.

Digitalization changed the media landscape. Media-organizations are looking for new revenue models, new ways to attract the fragmented audience and to engage the audience. As digitalization and innovation move fast, it is momentous to research how journalist do their work and which role the profession has in society. Vice versa, it is of importance to explore how digitalization and innovation can contribute to journalism and its functions. And: how to teach the journalists of the future? How to prepare journalism students for a changing and uncertain profession? These are issues researched by JournalismLab.

Research areas

1. Journalistic storytelling: the research group studies how journalistic organizations produce new forms of storytelling and their economic and social consequences.
2. Journalistic research: delving into changing research practices. What are the consequences of the online world for the selection and verification of news? How do journalists deal with the everyday pressure of velocity and credibility?
3. Journalism education: exploring new skills and teaching methods for journalism education.


Visiting address:
Heidelberglaan 15
3584 CS Utrecht

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 85029
3508 AA Utrecht