Minor Technology and Healthcare

We see it every day on television or in the newspaper: unhealthy and inaccessible buildings that win architectural awards, poor air quality and smog at the Olympics Games, dust mites and cockroaches in houses, healthy lighting and productivity, grandparents who die during hot summers, and the issue of people who want to live independently at home for longer.

Healthcare and Technology

These are just a few of the topics that will be addressed during the minor Technology and Healthcare. Issues on the cutting edge of technology and multidisciplinary care form the common theme that runs through this minor. The subjects have been divided into three sub-themes:

  • biological agents;
  • physical and chemical aspects;
  • living and building design. 

Beyond the boundaries of the faculty

The minor familiarizes students in a highly accessible manner (i.e. in a way that can be understood by students from a range of different backgrounds) with these subjects during weekly lectures. They also work on a literature assignment and a practical assignment on the basis of a topical theme. This is a valuable minor for any student who wants to look beyond the limits of his or her faculty.


To teach students from different backgrounds to look at a wide variety of issues at the intersection of technology and care. They can see that in practice, solutions often require knowledge from different disciplines, and that an integrated approach is essential.


The minor is for students from any faculty or programme. An affinity with the subjects of healthcare and technology is clearly preferable.