Research group Science and Technology Education

The Science Education Research Group within the Research Centre for Learning and Innovation develops knowledge, practice and policy on the teaching and learning of science in educational contexts and has a strong emphasis on informing the professional development of in-service and pre-service science teachers.

Group members are academics, graduate students and practitioners engaged in a range of research and development projects, some of which overlap with the work of other research groups (notably, the Mathematics Education Group, the Literacy Group, and the Vocational Education Group).

Current research themes include:

  • Primary Science and Technology Teaching;
  • Equity and access – promoting participation in science and technology;
  • Interdisciplinary and issues-based teaching in secondary science education and in secondary science teacher education.


Visiting address:
Padualaan 97
3584 CH Utrecht
Mailing address:
P.O. Box 14007
3508 SB Utrecht
Phone: 088 - 481 65 98