Research group Teaching in a Multicultural School

The Faculty of Education sees it as one of its main tasks to ensure students are properly prepared for working in multicultural schools. It also aims to support teachers in the field. The Teaching in a Multicultural School Research Group identifies these required teacher competences. The aspects of the pedagogic climate, dealing with parents and language in content areas all play a central part. The research group links the questions and insights of working teachers to existing theoretical insights. The results become part of teacher training programmes, are implemented in schools and shared with the scientific community.

Education in a multicultural school demands specific skills from teachers: engagement with each pupil, an awareness of interethnic relationships and a broad didactic repertoire. Over the years many teachers have found a way of working that has proven successful. They create a positive pedagogic climate, establish contacts with individual children and shape instructive tasks while striking a balance between self-reliance, collaborative learning and teacher led instruction. In addition, academic language development is becoming more and more integrated throughout the entire curriculum.

At the same time, however, there are more difficult questions. Teachers are asking how they can improve the relationship with and between pupils and with parents, how children can learn from each other in classroom interaction and how they can better align their didactic approach with the need to develop language skills. The research group has a preference for qualitative research linked to the abovementioned questions. Classroom observation, in relation to the professionalisation of teachers, is a core feature. In addition, the research group initiates developmental research in which, together with teachers, new pedagogic-didactic approaches are examined especially in mathematics, biology and history.

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