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  • Toinette Loeffen

    Toinette Loeffen

    • Function:Researcher
    • Research Group:Participation and Society
  • $name


    • Research Group:Geen
  • Yvette Sol PhD

    Yvette Sol PhD

    • Function:Lecturer, Researcher
    • Research Group:Science and Technology Education
    • Expertise:science and technology, primary education, secondary education, teachers’ education for primary education, professional behaviour of teachers, feedback and assessment, motivation and interest for science and technology, scientific reasoning
  • Leo Admiraal

    Leo Admiraal

    • Function:Researcher
    • Research Group:Participation, Care and Support
    • Expertise:innovative social service provision, participation, care and support, cooperation formal and informal care
  • Marc Anderson

    Marc Anderson

    • Function:Researcher
    • Research Group:Debt and Debt Collection
    • Expertise:collection, legal profession, rights, debts
  • Daan Andriessen PhD

    Daan Andriessen PhD

    • Function:Professor
    • Research Group:Methodology of Applied Research
    • Expertise:methodology of applied research
  • Sue Ashley

    Sue Ashley

    • Function:Researcher, PhD candidate
    • Research Group:Vocational Education
  • Liesbeth Baartman

    Liesbeth Baartman

    • Function:Researcher
    • Research Group:Vocational Education
    • Expertise:assessment, vocational education, testing, quality of testing, student learning, school and workplace learning
  • prof. Cok Bakker PhD

    prof. Cok Bakker PhD

    • Function:Professor
    • Research Group:Normative Professionalization
    • Expertise:quality of education, compartmentalized education, professional performance of teachers in training, teacher autonomy, learning performance, philosophy, religion and education, theology, Normative Professionalization
  • Piet Bakker PhD

    Piet Bakker PhD

    • Function:Emeritus professors
    • Research Group:Cross-Media Quality Journalism
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