Adri Köhler

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Function: Researcher
Research Group: Digital Smart Services


Telephone: (0031) 88 481 81 11

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Adri Köhler, MSc, is a senior consultant/project leader involved in initiatives in ICT and business operations. In terms of education he was closely involved as a project leader in the development of the Master’s of Informatics. He is involved in the “Care at a distance” project, where the introduction of (information) technology for processes and organisation of care establishments is central. During the last years he was the designer and coördinator of the minor “Business Solutions”

He is also active at the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht within the Business ICT and Innovation Research Group. In this capacity he is involved in the minor option Project Management, where he is responsible for organising the teaching. Since a short whil he is also the educational manager of the recently accredited Master of Project Management.