Alma Mustafic

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Function: teacher-researcher
Research Group: Methodology of Practice-based Research


Alma Mustafic (1981) has been working as a lecturer-researcher in the Research Group of Practice-based Research since 1 September 2018. She is involved in various research projects, among others research in education and teaching methods for professional research competence in Higher Professional Education (HBO) degree programmes. 

After a career in banking, she followed her passion for education and, in 2007, made the switch to HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. Given her background in the financial world, it was logical that she started out as a lecturer at the Institute of Finance and Accounting, where she is still working now. She teaches various business economics subjects (such as financing, mortgage advice, business economics, etc.). In addition to lecturing, she also fulfils other roles, including those of educational developer, graduation coach, study career coach, chair of the assessment committee, vice chair of the Examination Board and member of the Institute Council. 

After more than 10 years as a business economics lecturer, she decided to increase her expertise in education and graduated with a Master of Education degree. As a graduation coach, she has supervised many students in practice-based research. During that process, she began to notice that every student needed a different approach and that no two graduation projects are identical. She also experienced that the graduation process was the most difficult part of the programme for both the students and the lecturers. This stirred her interest in the question, 'What makes a Higher Professional Education (HBO) graduation supervisor a good supervisor?' Her master's thesis dealt with this issue. She did qualitative research into the competencies that enable graduation supervisors to provide proper guidance for students in practice-based research. Thanks in part to this research, she came into contact with the Research Group of Practice-based Research. She is currently co-responsible for the design of the new research programme within the Institute of Finance and Accounting, in which she provides support on issues concerning the integration of research in education.

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