Anita Emans

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Function: Researcher, PhD candidate
Research Group: Normative Professionalization


Anita Emans (1977), is a researcher and PhD candidate attached to the Research Group Normative Professionalisation. She is also a teacher at the Master Programme in Educational Needs (MEN). This is a vocationally-oriented master programme for teachers and other professionals in education from various educational sectors.

In her PhD research, Anita focuses on teachers who participate in post-graduate professionalization. With her research she wants to gain insight into how these teachers can be assisted in creating a rich learning environment during their professionalization. A learning environment in which formal learning and professional practice are well-attuned to one another. She investigates how meaningful cooperation in the workplace can facilitate professionalization. She wants to illuminate how these cooperation processes can help professionals in developing agency: making conscious decisions, and having the ability to exert influence on their work and professional role, in order to contribute to good education.

After studying Educational and Developmental Psychology at Tilburg University, Anita worked as a mentor and counsellor at several centers for educational services. She then worked as a teacher at Fontys University of Applied Sciences and Windesheim University of Applied Sciences. She is interested in how self-guided professionalization, learning through cooperation processes between colleagues and organisation-led innovation can reinforce each other in providing opportunities for organizational and professional growth. She is inspired by the catalysing effect of studying at a vocationally-oriented master's program on teachers’ professional growth and the potential this has for improving professional practice.

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