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Function: PhD candidate
Research Group: Research Group Innovations in Preventive Care


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Babette Everaars graduated in 2009 at the Bachelor of Dental Hygiene in Utrecht. After her bachelor she completed a research master ‘’Global Health’’ at VU University. During this master she followed an internship at the Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA). Babette her affinity with research developed already during her thesis in the bachelor Dental Hygiene, but developed further during her master Global health. 

During the first year as junior researcher, Babette mainly oriented and investigated research possibilities within the research field of ‘’oral health in elderly’’. This is one of the focus groups within the Bachelor Dental Hygiene. From the first of April 2016, the project PRRIMa mond CARE is running at the new research group Innovation in Preventive care.

The project of Babette is part of another program called ‘’Om U’’, which was developed within the National Program for Elderly Care. Om U has been developed by her co-promotor dr. Nienke Bleijenberg, which is employed at the research group for Chronic Illnesses. Om U traces (potential) frail elderly out of the general practitioners practice and deliveres pro-active care to this group of elderly. PRIMa mond CARE adds oral health at the Om U program in multiple phases. In this way it can be investigated how, and if frailty can be traced earlier and more accurate. 

The research team and co-operation exists of Prof. dr. Geert van der Heijden (Chair of the section Social Dentistry, ACTA); Prof dr. Niek de Wit, at Julius Centre for Health Sciences and Primary care; dr. Katarina Jerković – Ćosić from the University of Applied sciences Utrecht and dr. Nienke Bleijenberg, project leader of Om U and researcher at Julius centre, UMCU. The research is performed in healthcare centre Maarn-Maarsbergen, where general practitioners and dentist are housed in one building, which makes this research environment unique. 

During her PhD project, Babette will supervise students in their Bachelor thesis which are related to oral health in elderly people. Moreover, Babette works one day a week as dental hygienist in Amsterdam.  
The combination of research, supervising students and the opportunity to keep on learning, are a big motivation for Babette and give her many challenges. 
It is expected to finish this project in 2019. After this, Babette has an ambition to further develop as a researcher or as senior lecturer at The University of Applied sciences in Utrecht. 

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