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Function: Professor
Research Group: Deaf Studies


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Prof. Beppie van den Bogaerde has been working with deaf people since 1985 and has always been fascinated by Sign Language of the Netherlands (NGT). As a linguist, she carried out research into language in deaf mothers, how they interact with their hearing and deaf children, and other aspects that relate to the (bilingual) language acquisition of spoken language and sign language in deaf people.

Her prior education as an English translator and interpreter meant that she was ideally suited to helping to establish a Bachelor’s degree in teacher training and interpreting for NGT at the Faculty of Education at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. Since 2005 she has worked as a coordinator for the Master’s programme in Deaf Studies / NGT teacher training. With years of experience in the deaf world, she hopes to be able to contribute to knowledge about NGT and about Deaf Culture, and to promote greater participation in society by deaf people.

Beppie van den Bogaerde has been professor of Deaf Studies since September 2007. At the beginning, the research group focused on positioning itself within the Faculty of Education and the other faculties of HU UAS, at the level of both management and education, and in the professional field. Consolidating and expanding the national network took a back seat. The members of the Research Unit worked hard to formulate a mission and a vision, objectives and a research programme. In 2008, the Centre for Education Research was founded within the Faculty of Education. Another important event was the national meeting with people from the deaf community, which was used as an opportunity to identify research priorities. The international network became another focus of attention. In late October 2008, the professor delivered her Public Lecture.

Until 2010, the focus of the research group was on the connection of FE institutions with education via the Centre for Education Research, but also through other faculties of HU UAS and with the professional field. Both citizens and professionals and an increasing number of Master’s students are coming to the research group with their questions and/or research assignments. The SIA RAAK Public Project entitled ‘Oog voor Communicatie’ was launched and required a great deal of research time. This project was completed in 2010 (see

In February 2013, the CEFR descriptors for the levels A1 to C2 in sign language were formalized. The descriptors were developed by the Institute for Sign Language & Deaf Studies and the Deaf Studies research group in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam, Royal Kentalis, the Association of Teachers of Modern Languages, sign language section, and with the support of the SLO. In the international project Pro-Signs of the European Centre for Modern Languages (ECML), the CEFR descriptors for levels C1 and C2 for sign language are being further developed in the period from 2012 to 2015, along with an assessment toolkit. This is being done in conjunction with researchers from Germany, Ireland and Switzerland.

As of 1 November 2013, Beppie van den Bogaerde was appointed honorary professor of NGT at the University of Amsterdam. She combines this professorship with her position as professor at HU UAS. In her professorship, she will mainly focus on Sign Linguistics, in particular on NGT. This appointment is in line with her work for HU UAS; as professor of Deaf Studies, she has always worked to increase our knowledge of NGT, deaf culture and the greater participation of deaf people in the society. This double appointment opens up new opportunities for the Deaf Studies research group. For example, fundamental research can be combined with applied research and students of universities and higher professional education as well as doctoral students can all contribute to the research that is being carried out. Finally, this combination also means there is more chance of funding for research projects.

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