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Function: senior researcher
Research Group: Foreign Language Education


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As of September 2017, Catherine van Beuningen (PhD) is a senior researcher within the Foreign Language Learning Research Group of the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. She also works as a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Education at  the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Catherine obtained an MA in General Linguistics from Utrecht University. After graduating, she worked as a lecturer of Dutch as a foreign language at the Károli Gáspár University in Budapest, and as a teacher of Dutch as a second language in immigration programs. This is how she developed a fascination for language learning and teaching. In 2011, she obtained a PhD in Applied Linguistics from the University of Amsterdam. Her doctoral research explored the effects of feedback on the Dutch written language proficiency of pupils within multi-ethnic secondary schools in the Netherlands.

After her doctoral studies, Catherine van Beuningen worked as an assistant professor within the Dutch Linguistics BA program and the Dutch-as-a-Second Language and Multilingualism MA program at the University of Amsterdam, and as a lecturer of Dutch-as-a-Second Language at Amsterdam University College. She also was a postdoctoral researcher in the project ‘Studies in Listening Proficiency’ (Stilis), at the Amsterdam Center for Language and Communication (University of Amsterdam).

As a senior lecturer within the BA and MA Dutch teacher training programs at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Catherine is mainly involved in curriculum development in the fields of language pedagogy and practice-based research. She also aims to connect curriculum strands concerning subject-specific pedagogy and educational research, for example by implementing lesson study as a teacher training strategy. Furthermore, she organizes professional development meetings about student research supervision and assessment, for teacher trainers of Dutch and foreign languages.

As a senior researcher within the Foreign Language Learning Research Group (University of Applied Sciences Utrecht), Catherine van Beuningen is involved in different projects that all aim to contribute to the quality and future of (foreign) language teaching and learning across educational sectors.

Research interests:

  • Second language acquisition (SLA)
  • (Second) language learning and teaching
  • Writing-to-learn a (second) language
  • Formative writing assessment
  • Content-and-Language-Integrated-Learning (CLIL)
  • Multilingualism in education
  • Functional use of multilingual repertoires in language classrooms
  • Connecting research and teaching practice
  • The role of research in teacher training

Research group Foreign Language Education

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