Charline Rouffet

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Function: teacher-researcher
Research Group: Foreign Language Education


Telephone: 06-13930989

Charline Rouffet is originally from the south of France. She studied Modern French Literature at the Universities of Nîmes en Paris IV-Sorbonne before leaving for the Netherlands through the Erasmus exchange program where she obtained a Master’s degree in Comparative Literature at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.

She chose to stay in the Netherlands where she completed the French teacher training program at the Vrije Universiteit. She conducted educational research on use of the target language within TaBaSCO (Task Based School Organisation for the Acquisition of Language) a project from the Dutch APS Foundation (Algemeen Pedagogisch Studiecentrum) to introduce task-based learning to schools. She worked for a few years as an upper-form French teacher in secondary schools before  beginning to work as a French teacher trainer at the University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht in 2009. At the HU she currently teaches proficiency, literature and methodology courses in the Bachelor and Master’s programs.

She became a member of the Foreign Language Research Group in 2016. In addition to her tasks in the research group, she prepared a research proposal and in obtained a grant to start a doctoral research project in September 2018 on the impact of communicative testing of speaking and writing skills on the foreign language teacher’s pedagogical approach.

Research group Foreign Language Education

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