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Function: Researcher, PhD candidate
Research Group: Mircrosystems Technology

Email: daniel.telgen@hu.nl

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From September 2012 Daniël Telgen has been granted the position of senior lecturer, bearing the following responsibilities and tasks:

  • Management of several projects, from both a technical as a people perspective; 
  • A specialty in hybrid intelligent Machine control architecture using ROS and MAS;
  • Research on intelligent and reconfigurable manufacturing systems;
  • Thorough expertise in System development, Hardware Interfacing and Intelligent Systems;
  • Lectures and workshops for large groups, students as well as professionals;
  • Partly responsible for the Curriculum of the Computer Engineering (TI) program. 

Daniël (1981) has been working at the HU University of Applied Sciences since 2009. He started his career at the HU as a hired industrial resident and became a lecturer and researcher in 2010.  

Daniël graduated first as an engineer at the HTS Haarlem (Haarlem University of Applied Sciences) and from graduation became a software engineer in the space industry (Satellite Services B.V.). Then he got his Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering in Sweden, where he specialized in Intelligent Systems and Computer Vision. After graduation he worked for the Alten group, who specialize in high tech engineering and consultancy throughout Europe. At Alten PTS Daniël was hired for several projects. Including a long period designing new (control) systems for high tech greenhouses at Priva and engineering new test systems for radar installations of Honeywell Enraf. During this period, Daniël also started the Imaging and Vision Expertise Group and was the chairman for this group for two years.

In 2011 Daniël started his PhD research, “An Agile Control Architecture based on Software Agents” at the Utrecht University in the field of intelligent manufacturing systems. This research focuses on sustainable and agile manufacturing systems that are intelligent and reconfigurable, these systems are called “Equiplets”. Daniël is responsible for the research and development of the software architecture for these systems. To make this possible a large variety of technologies are used, including Computer Vision, Agent Technology and ROS (Robot Operating System).

Besides his research Daniël teaches several courses at the Computer Engineering (TI) Curriculum. Daniël is also strongly involved in the renewal of the Computer Engineering courses and works vividly to integrate research and education to strengthen the position of the University as a leading center of expertise for the industry.

Daniël is also projectleader of several projects, including the SIA RAAK-MKB project: "Vision in Mechatronics and Robotics". This is a two year project in which 20+ companies and five universities team up to lower the cost and make computer vision systems more acceptable for technical SME’s.

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