Denise van der Plaat

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Function: Researcher
Research Group: Coordination of Security


Telephone: 06-38681292

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Denise van der Plaat MSc (1992) works as a researcher for the Coordination of Security research group. An example of a research project she participates in is Startbaan. This research focuses on young adults (age 16-27) with judicial contacts. The aim of this research is to strengthen the integral cooperation between professionals, so that these young adults are getting a better chance at life.

In addition to her work for the research group, she is working as a program coordinator at the University of Amsterdam for the research program "Equal opportunities for a diverse youth". This research program is part of the Dutch National Research Agenda (route Youth in development, nurture and education).

Before this, she worked as a project member at the Netherlands Youth Institute, where she was involved with the transformation of youth care at municipalities, the transition from youth to adulthood (Approach 16-27) and the effectiveness of youth care. She also worked as a policy officer for youth and education at a municipality and as a policy researcher at the Child Care and Protection Board.

Denise van der Plaat graduated as a pedagogue with a master's degree in Youth, Education and Society. She believes it is important to connect the different domains of care and justice. Besides that she wants to create a learning environment by feeding practice with research and vice versa.

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