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Function: teacher-researcher, Researcher
Research Group: Normative Professionalization

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Dr. Dian Fluijt has been involved as a researcher in the research group Normative Professionalization since 1 March 2015. Her research area focuses on the normative team development of co-teaching teams. Co-teaching can be used to teach heterogeneous groups, including both pupils with and without special educational needs. By means of co-teaching, Adaptive Education can be practically realised for all pupils and serve as a prelude to inclusive education. In 2014, Dian wrote her first book on this subject: Prisma Co-Teaching.

The first project was a literature review and resulted in the article ‘Team assessment, the missing link in co-teaching teams’. This article, published in February 2016 in The European Journal of Special Needs Education, proposes a new definition for co-teaching that focuses on a shared vision of the meaning of ‘good education’. For the second article, Dian has made a series of portraits of co-teaching teams. To this end, she surveyed and observed twenty co-teaching teams in Austria. She went in search of the pedagogical wisdom of co-teaching teams. This resulted in the book Samen Lesgeven. Co-Teaching in de Praktijk (‘Teaching Together. Co-teaching in Practice’) that appeared in September 2016 with twelve of the most appealing portraits of co-teaching teams. In addition, a scientific article on this subject was published: ‘Co-teachers’ construction of educational and pedagogical language with a team-reflection tool’. The third sub-study monitors the development of four beginning co-teaching teams in the Netherlands (Den Bosch) over a period of three years. An article on this subject was published in early 2017, in the Tijdschrift voor Orthopedagogiek (Journal for Orthopedagogy). The fourth article was published in the form of a chapter in the book Complexity in Education: from Horror to Passion (November 2016) and describes the development of peripatetic teachers who begin working as co-teachers in turbulent educational environments.

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