Edwin van der Zande

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Function: Researcher
Research Group: Normative Professionalization

Email: edwin.vanderzande@hu.nl

Telephone: (0031) 6 81 52 96 85

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Dr. Edwin van der Zande has been involved as a researcher in the research group Normative Professionalization since 1 August 2012. He conducts PhD research under the name of ‘Worldview Education and Normative Professionalization’. The research project describes the personal worldview that students and young professionals articulate in relation to their normative professionalization, and the way in which they do this. This practical-theological study describes the narrative development of students, which contributes to a deeper self-reflection. The research context is the Minor in Philosophy, World religions, and Spirituality offered at the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.

  • (December 2013 - present) PhD student at Utrecht University, conducting research on ‘Worldview Education and Normative Professionalization’. Promoters: Prof. Dr. C. Bakker and Dr. K.H. ter Avest
  • (August 2012 - present) Researcher at the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Knowledge Centre Learning and Innovation, Research group Normative Professionalization
  • (February 2011 - present) Coordinator of the Minor in Philosophy, World religions, and Spirituality
  • (February 2011 - present) Lecturer of didactics for worldview education at HU-PABO

Presentations International Conferences

  • ISREV (July 2016).  Symposium: Normative professionalization and educational complexities. ‘Passio Complexitatis: a dialogical approach to Complexity’.
  • Goethe Universität Frankfurt (November 2015). ‘Weltanschauliche Position in Zusammenhang mit professionelle Identität’.  
  • Klingenthal Conference (September 2015). ‘Religious education applied in professional education and development’.
  • ENRECA Conference Vienna (May 2015). ‘Worldview education as a space of orientation’.
  • 8th International Conference on the Dialogical Self (ICDS) (2014) ‘Self-confrontation method as a research instrument’.
  • REA Conference Chicago (November 2014). ‘Worldview Education at a Secular University: a Promising Perspective on the Moral Dimension of Professional Development’.