Elwin Savelsbergh

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Function: Professor
Research Group: Science and Technology Education

Email: elwin.savelsbergh@hu.nl

Telephone: 088 - 481 7373

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Elwin Savelsbergh (1968) has been appointed as professor of Science and Technology Education in June 2017. The work of his research group is aimed towards improving science and technology education at all grade levels, ranging from primary education to tertiary education. Central questions include: what knowledge, skills and attitudes do students in present day society need as a contribution towards their professional and societal and personal lives? How are these contents to be taught in a motivating and coherent curriculum? What knowledge and skills will teachers need to teach such a curriculum?

Elwin Savelsbergh studied physics at Utrecht University, after which he obtained a PhD in educational psychology at Twente University. He held postdoc positions at the Max Planck Institut für Bildungsforschung in Berlin, Amsterdam University, and Utrecht University before being appointed as an assistant professor at Utrecht University. He directed the science and mathematics teacher education programme’s and he was involved in numerous educational innovations. At current, he combines his position as a professor at Utrecht University of Apllied Science with an associate professorship at Utrecht University.

Research group Science and Technology Education

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