Gerda Bruinsma

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Function: Researcher, PhD candidate
Research Group: Speech and Language Therapy


Telephone: (0031) 88 481 5239

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Gerda Bruinsma, MSc, graduated as a Speech and Language Therapist in 1987. In 2009 she received her Masters Degree in Clinical Language, Speech and Hearing Sciences.

Bruinsma started her career as a Speech and Language Therapist on schools for special education. For several years she worked in different areas of special education.

Currently Bruinsma is a Lecturer at the Institute for Allied Healthcare Professions of HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. Her teaching areas are Language Development Disorders, Quality of the profession of Speech and Language Therapy and Ethics. She participates in the Curriculum Board, is supervisor for students working on their final thesis and holds classes in Interventions for Developmental Language Disorders for graduated Speech and Language Therapists.

In the research group Speech and Language Therapy she is studying the effect of interventions of Speech and Language Therapists in children with Developmental Language Disorders. She is also involved in a project to examine the language capacities of multilingual students in the Internal Clinic for Speech and Language Therapy of HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.

Bruinsma is also member of an Admission Board for Special Education.

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy

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