Hiddo Velsink

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Function: Researcher
Research Group: Digital Smart Services

Email: hiddo.velsink@hu.nl

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Dr. H. Velsink studied Geodesy at TU Delft and obtained there his PhD on geodetic deformation analysis. After a career at the Dutch cadastre, he taught geodesy at Delft University of Technology and HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. In this function he wrote several lecture notes on geodesy.

From 2001 he held various management positions. He was responsible for a number of courses (geodesy, civil engineering, construction engineering & architecture, management of construction engineering) and ultimately for the entire institute of the Built Environment of HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, with 1700 students and more than one hundred lecturers. From 2011 he switched from a management position to a research position. The core of the research was (and is) geodetic deformation analysis. As a result the degree of PhD was awarded in 2018.

Hiddo Velsink and Ursula Backhausen lead the City at Risk research group within the Digital Smart Services lectorate. The group conducts research into the movements of buildings, infrastructure and soil in the urban environment: what is the cause, how do you measure it and what are the consequences; and how can digital smart services reduce the risks, and thus permanently improve the quality of living in the city?