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Function: Researcher
Research Group: Vocational Education


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At the start of my career, I worked as Consultant ICT and Organisational change for various large-scale projects in knowledge intensive organisations, such as, the Dutch Parliament (Tweede Kamer) and the Government Employment Offices (Arbeidsvoorziening). Next, I followed a two year, salaried Post-Master User-System Interaction program at the Technical University Eindhoven. The last year of this program was devoted to an e-learning applied research project at the Educational Department of the University Medical Centre Utrecht. This was the start of my career in the educational domain. 
I worked for IVLOS Institute of Education of Utrecht University and Cetis, Centre for educational innovation and ICT/Department Education and Research of the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. In this double appointment, I was affiliated with the Research Group Vocational Education. 
After working as a senior researcher for the National centre of expertise for vocational education (Ecbo), I am now happy to back at the Research Group Vocational Education (Lectoraat Beroepsonderwijs)

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