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Function: Professor
Research Group: Participation, Care and Support


Telephone: (0031) 88 481 98 31

Jean Pierre Wilken is a professor at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences since 2002. He graduated in social sciences and psychology, and got his PhD degree at Tilburg University on a thesis titled Recovering Care. A contribution to a theory and practice of good care.

He worked at the Regional Institute for Sheltered Living, the Faculty of Social Sciences of Utrecht University, the National Hospital Institute of the Netherlands and Storm Rehabilitation, a European Centre for Psychosocial Rehabilitation. Between 1996 and 2007, he was Director of Research and Development at Storm Rehabilitation, and between 2008 and 2009 he worked as Head of Knowledge Development and Quality at the Rino Group.

Since September 2009, he is a full-time professor at the research group for Participation, Care and Support, which is part of the Research Centre for Social Innovation at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. Since 2012, Jean Pierre Wilken is also visiting professor of Social Work Innovation at Tallinn University, Estonia.

His research circles around social inclusion of people in marginalized positions, especially in relation to a disability. The research group has four programmes:

  1. human rights and social inclusion
  2. professionality in the transforming social domain
  3. experiences as a source of knowledge, recovery and empowerment
  4. quality of care in complex situations, effective collaboration ships between service users, family carers, voluntary carers and professionals.

Participation, Care and Support

Participation, Care and Support

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