Jeroen Rooijakkers

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Function: Researcher
Research Group: Marketing, Market Research and Innovation


Telephone: (0031) 6 51 27 44 00

Jeroen Rooijakkers carries out research into consumer behaviour. He was involved in the project entitled Mapping Out the Customer's Journey, in which the purchasing process of the customer was mapped. Jeroen has written several reports for the research group professorship, for example concerning purchasing behaviour (specifically regarding white goods, travel and insurance), the Adrijaen shopping area, the Amsterdamsestraatweg and for the Return on Creativity project. He is currently carrying out research for the University Sports Centre (USC) via the research group. 


Jeroen teaches at the Institute for Marketing & Commerce and he is programme leader for the following modules:

  • Commercial Accountability (year 1 CE)
  • Project Market (year 2 CE)
  • Selected Marketing Topics (year 3 CE)
  • Tourism & Hospitality (year 3 CE)
  • Business Event Management (year 3 CE) 

Curriculum Vitae

  • University of Tilburg
  • Leisure Studies (completed in 2002, supervisor Professor Greg Richards)
  • University of Tilburg
  • Policy and Organizational Sciences (completed in 2003, supervisor Dr Rob Jansen)
  • TSM Business School
  • Post-Bachelor’s Project Management 2.0 

Jeroen Rooijakkers has worked as a marketing specialist and business manager in the leisure sector. Currently, Jeroen is a member of the Treasury Committee of the municipality of Veldhoven, where he is contributing to multiple research studies. Jeroen is also the owner of Mania Events.

Marketing, Market Research and Innovation

Marketing, Market Research and Innovation

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