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Function: Researcher
Research Group: Organising change in the public domain, Participation, Care and Support


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Joep Binkhorst is a researcher within the research groups ‘Participation, Care and Support’ (PZO) and ‘Organization of Change in the Public Domain’ (OVPD). Furthermore, he is a lecturer within the institute of Human Resource Management.

After finishing his master’s degree in Culture, Organization and Management at the Free University of Amsterdam (VU), Joep worked as a researcher at the Dutch Youth Institute. Since 2012 he has been employed at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences doing research in various domains, such as ‘neighborhood-oriented’ approaches of social work professionals (including the development of ‘social community teams’) and ‘employment and inclusion’ regarding people with poor chances on the labour market. Areas of special interest include collaboration among social professionals and between public organizations, and cooperation with between professionals and representatives of the (local) government. With his research Joep aims at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the social domain, in order to enable professionals to do their jobs optimally and contributing to a social system in which care and support reaches those in our community who need it the most.

Doing research also plays a major role in his work as a lecturer within the institute of Human Resource Management. As a trainer/coach he supports groups of students to conduct a practice-based research and graduate students with their bachelor thesis.


  • Innovations community work
  • Employment rate of vulnerable people

Organising change in the public domain

Organisational Configurations and Work Relations

About the Research Group

Participation, Care and Support

Participation, Care and Support

About the Research Group