Kristina Goodnight

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Function: teacher-researcher, PhD candidate
Research Group: Foreign Language Education


Telephone: 088-4817373

Kristina brings a combination of teaching, curriculum development and research experience as well as extensive drama training to this research group.  She began working at the University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht, in 2010 as an English Teacher Trainer where she has taught methodology, proficiency and culture courses in the Bachelor, Master and Minor programs. Since 2013, she has served as Product Manager for Speaking and Culture courses in the Bachelor program, as well as creating blended learning websites for five courses. She is also a thesis advisor for Masters of English students.  Kristina recently completed a preliminary research project in preparation for a proposal to conduct doctoral research into the integration of improvisational drama techniques into foreign language teaching practice.

Her wide variety of experience in education informs both her research and teaching practice. She taught English and Drama in secondary school for six years in the USA and The Netherlands, having received post-Bachelor teacher training degrees in both countries. Kristina also has two years of experience teaching vocational English to formerly homeless individuals in San Francisco and has taught writing courses to freshmen at Saint Mary’s College of California.

Kristina’s background in theatre has long been integral to her teaching practice as well. She received her Bachelor of Arts in English and Dramatic Art at the University of California, Davis, including a semester abroad at Manchester Metropolitan University, and her Master of Fine Arts in Playwriting at Saint Mary’s College of California. She has performed in over 40 productions and has had five plays produced, two of which were published locally in San Francisco.

In January 2019 Kristina starts her PhD research, titled 'Fostering Integration of Improvisational Drama into Foreign Language Classes to Stimulate Student Willingness to Communicate.'

Research group Foreign Language Education

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