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Function: Researcher
Research Group: Cooperative Entrepreneurship

Email: leendert.debell@hu.nl

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Leendert de Bell has been involved as a researcher within the research group Cooperative Entrepreneurship since July 2014. He will be primarily engaged in research on (improving) entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Leendert de Bell obtained his PhD at Utrecht University in 2005 with research on the impact of foreign direct investment on regional economic development in northern Mexico.

He has worked for the University of Applied Science Utrecht since 2007, where he was responsible for the international bachelor program ‘Entrepreneurship for Developing Areas’. This program, which focuses on innovative business solutions in developing countries and emerging markets, was especially developed in the context of HU participation in the Kofi Annan Business Schools Foundation (www.kabsf.org).

From 2008 to 2012, Leendert de Bell was also active as a researcher within the research group International Business and Innovation. During this period, the focus of his research has gradually developed from the impact of large, multinational corporations on regional economic development to the role that small, new start-up companies can play in this.

Since 2011, he holds the position of academic director of the Utrecht Center for Entrepreneurship (www.utrechtce.nl) on behalf of HU. The Utrecht Center for Entrepreneurship is part of the valorization program of HU, Utrecht University and the University Medical Center Utrecht (www.utrechtvc.nl) and aims to stimulate entrepreneurship education within the affiliated knowledge institutions.

Within the European Consortium on Applied Research and Professional Education (CARPE) (www.husite.nl/carpenetwork) Leendert de Bell also fulfills the role as ‘ambassador’ on behalf of HU to the entrepreneurship theme. He teaches in the areas of entrepreneurship and international business at Utrecht University and HU.

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