Lenneke Kok

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Function: Researcher
Research Group: Co-design

Email: lenneke.kok@hu.nl

Telephone: 088 - 4818888

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Ir. Lenneke Kok has been working at University of Applied Sciences Utrecht since 2010 and since 2016 she has been coordinator of the minor Co-design Studio. She also works as a researcher at the research group Co-design.

She is particularly interested in transition issues in the area of sustainability. How can we innovate together faster and give shape to a better future world? The future generation is still young or not yet born, so how can we design a bright future with current experience experts? It is precisely in this current world full of technology that Lenneke sees opportunities to come up with better solutions by making users and other stakeholders part of the creative design process.

Lenneke also enjoys facilitating creative workshops in the field of Co-design, for example about 'future' probing. As a coordinator and teacher Lenneke is associated with the minor Co-design Studio (visit the website codesignstudio.strikingly.com for more information).