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Function: Professor, Researcher
Research Group: Financial-Economic Advice in Innovation

Email: lex.vanteeffelen@hu.nl

Telephone: (0031) 6 24 12 34 64

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Dr Lex van Teeffelen (1958) has been involved with the Financial-Economic Advice for Innovation research group (FAI) as a researcher since 2007. In September 2011, he was appointed as Endowed Professor for Business Acquisitions and Innovation. In January 2015, he was promoted to Professor of Finance and Firm Acquisitions.

He leads the FAI research group together with Professor Hans Duits. Within the FAI research group, Van Teeffelen is mainly responsible for research and education on SME financing, governance and takeover entrepreneurship, taking firms owners and their firms as subject for his research, policies and interventions. 

Notable research themes that he is working on are:

  • New and old ways of financing SMEs.
  • The governance of SMEs.
  • Growth and cooperation strategies of SMEs.
  • Research on support programmes for business transfers and take-overs.
  • Exploring the economic effects of business acquisitions and liquidations.

He is strongly engaged in the Dutch national SME finance monitor, setting up a new governance monitor and measuring economic effects of cooperation and business transfers on job creation, turnover growth and assets growth.

The research into succession and firm acquisitions has led to an evidence-based Minor in Business Acquisition & Franchising, intended for students who are preparing to be the successor of a company. 

He is actively involved in several (inter)national projects, having been granted several research funds by both the Dutch government and the European Commission. 

In 2010, Lex van Teeffelen was awarded a PhD at Nyenrode Business University for his dissertation on success and failure factors in business acquisitions and take-overs, entitled ‘Exploring success and failure in Small firm business transfers.’

You can read his complete CV and list of projects on LinkedIn. Most publications are available through publicationslist.org.


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