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Linda Smit, MSc, RN (1989) obtained her MBO-V diploma in 2010 and her HBO-V diploma in 2013. In 2014 Linda obtained her master's degree in health sciences, specialization in infectious diseases and public health at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. She did her master thesis at Isala hospital in Zwolle on the subject; infectious complications after major abdominal surgery. Subsequently, she did further research on this subject and published results for another year.

Since 1 September 2015, Linda has been working at Hogeschool Utrecht (HU) as lecturer within the bachelor nursing and as PhD candidate. Her research focuses on primary care for older people in which aging and the result thereof; the rapid increase in the number of older people with chronic diseases and multimorbidity are important pillars. Most older people prefer to live independently at home for as long as possible. Performing activities of daily life (ADL) such as washing and dressing and instrumental activities of daily life (IADL) such as shopping are essential here. Primary care for older people used to consist of reactive fragmented care, but due to a changed care landscape, there is a transition to proactive integrated care for older people. To recognize functional decline in older people at an early stage and respond to this with interprofessional (integrated) care is essential. In order to embed this proactive integrated care in the current regular care for older people, several issues need to be answered. First of all, Linda unraveled the development and evaluation of nine Dutch elderly care programs (performed in randomized controlled trials, (RCTs)) in order to learn from the past. Secondly, an interprofessional training for professionals in the neighborhood has been developed and evaluated to meet the integral nature of current care for older people. Thirdly, an elderly care program (Om U 2.0) has been evaluated in routine care on daily functioning, quality of life and care consumption. Finally, it will be examined whether the informed consent group from an elderly care program (Om U 1.0, performed within an RCT) differs from older people in routine care.

A strength and the goodness of Linda's work within “Lectoraat Chronisch Zieken” is the close collaboration with lecturers and students from the Institute of Nursing Studies. Research, education and practice are connected in this way with the result of practice-oriented research which quickly finds its way into education and the final practice.
Linda has been working in a nursing home since her training as a nurse. Quality of care for older people was and will always be a motive for Linda in the future. With great pleasure she continues to work in practice next to her work as a teacher and PhD student.

Side activities
Participant European Academy of Nursing Science summer school for PhD students.
Member European Academy of Nursing Science.
Nurse at care provision “Het Baken”.

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