Lizet Donkersgoed

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Function: teacher-researcher
Research Group: Innovative Social Services


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Lizet van Donkersgoed–van Zwet studied piano and completed her bachelor’s degree at Tilburg Conservatory in 1984. She combined piano teaching with studying musicology at Utrecht University. Her study of social science (at Open University) and philosophy (at Radboud University Nijmegen) awakened a profound interest in ethics. This led to her exploring spiritual (western esoteric) knowledge as well as eastern wisdom traditions.  Feeling the need to adopt a more practical approach to life, she decided to study law at Radboud University Nijmegen, completing her master’s degree in 2002. After having been a notary-candidate for several years she switched back to teaching, this time as a lecturer of ethics in socio-legal practices at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.  Teaching and researching ethics in these fields inspired Lizet in many ways. Through attending the DBA (Doctorate Business Administration) course at the University of Humanistics she became excited about starting a PhD project as a ‘reflexive practitioner’: seeking to bridge the distance between classroom and practice. She was introduced to Dian Marie Hosking and through her to the social science meta-theory of relational constructionism. This started her on a parallel trajectory. She explored ethics from a new point of view, one that appealed to her more and more because it seemed to embrace core concepts of many of the wisdom traditions she had been involved with. The present thesis witnesses to this ongoing development.

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