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Function: Lecturer, senior researcher
Research Group: Lifestyle and Health


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Manon Bloemen graduated from "the University of Applied Sciences  Enschede" as a Physical Therapist in 1999. She finished her specialisation as a Paediatric Physical Therapist in 2004 at "Transfergroep Rotterdam". Manon has more than 10 years of working experience in the paediatric rehabilitation field. Furthermore, she has worked in several private practices as a paediatric physical therapist. She received her Master of Science in 2009 from the University Utrecht (Health Science, Physical Therapy Science at the Faculty of Medicine). The central theme during her studies was testing en training physical fitness of children with physical disabilities. Her Master thesis resulted in two English publications (second author) and one Dutch publication (first author). Currently, Manon works for the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences as a researcher in the HALYNeD study (Healthy Active Living Youth with Neuromotor Disability: Active now, Healthy Later). In addition, she is a lecturer at the Master Physical Therapy (Paediatric Physical Therapy).

  • 2000-2004 Paediatric Physical Therapist rehabilitation centre Leijpark. Additional tasks: project member of several topic groups, organizing practical lessons, clinical instructor.
  • 2004-2005 Paediatric Physical Therapist private practice Sjúkraþjálfun GarÄ‘abæjar, Iceland. Start up paediatric physical therapy.
  • 2006-2010 Paediatric Physical Therapist rehabilitation centre De Hoogstraat. Additional tasks: project leader, clinical instructor, lecturer at the Master Physical Therapy, specialisation Paediatric Physical Therapy and Minor "Children with disabilities" Utrecht University of Applied Sciences.
  • 2011 Research assistant  Erasmus MC, Rotterdam
  • 2008 - present. Lecturer Master Physical Therapy specialisation Paediatric Physical Therapy. Researcher HALYNeD, Lifestyle and Health Research Group.

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Lifestyle and Health

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