Margreeth Kloppenburg

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Function: Researcher
Research Group: Financial-Economic Advice in Innovation


Telephone: (0031) 88 481 68 46

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Margreeth Kloppenburg (1968) has been part of the research group FAI since september 2013. She is interested in how practitioners working in finance, especially accountants, can learn from each other by discussing their different views and values when dealing with dilemma’s in daily practise. She writes blogs for each month (link naar Nederlandse pagina met opinies), articles (idem) and books (idem) on this subject. She teaches Professional Skills & Ethics at the Hogeschool Utrecht as well as Nyenrode Business University and works as a consultant for corporate companies. Margreeth is an experienced speaker, is a member of the committe on ethics & behavior at the Nederlandse Beroepsorganisatie voor Accountants  and boardmember at the Stichting Beroepseer (Professional Pride). At the moment Margreeth is writing a research proposal and hopefully will start doing teh actual research within a couple of months.  

Financial-Economic Advice in Innovation

Financial-Economic Advice in Innovation

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