Marieke Zielhuis

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Function: Researcher, PhD candidate
Research Group: Co-design, Methodology of Practice-based Research


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Marieke Zielhuis (1975) has been a researcher at the Research Group of Practice-based Research (MPO) since the spring of 2018. Marieke’s focus in the Research Group is on the methodology of "Research through Design". She is preparing for doctoral research into this subject starting January 2019. This research area is linked to ongoing research, within MPO, into the methodical challenges of practice-based research. 

Marieke is involved, as a researcher, in MODUS research: a project commissioned by the SIA directorate and aimed at making explicit and consolidating the methodology of practice-based research. The research, which is being done in collaboration with the NADR (Network of Applied Design Research) Research Group, focuses on the methodology of design-oriented practical research. 
She is also involved in the Chiwawa (Creative & Health Innovation Ways or Working Analysis) research, an evaluation of the use of creative practices in healthcare. 

Marieke is also active as a research project leader in the Research Centre for Learning and Innovation, and as a supervisor for student projects in the Institute for Engineering & Design.

Marieke was trained as an Industrial Designer and has worked at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht since 2002. In recent years, she has been active as a project leader in research projects (in particular, design research for the Co-design Research Group). She has also worked at UCREATE, the Centre of Expertise Creative Industries, the Centre of Expertise Smart Sustainable Cities at the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.

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