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Function: Researcher
Research Group: Innovative Social Services


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Mariël Kanne participates in the Research group Innovative Social Services since 2008. She also works as teacher of ethics & critical thinking within the Master Advanced Nursing Practice of the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences and she is a member of this University’s Medical Ethical Screening Committee.

With a background in theology and philosophy, she developed expertise  on ethical questions, moral case deliberation and normative professionalization in the practice of health care and social care. She finished her PhD research in 2016. In her PhD project, she developed a theoretical framework by combining the philosophy of the self as described by the philosopher Paul Ricoeur with the Ethic of Care as described by the political theorist Joan Tronto. This philosophical framework was completed with a theory on co-creation of change, that has been developed by the organization theorist Wierdsma. This theoretical construct resulted in the concept ‘co-creation of good care’, which functioned as the basis for a practice oriented empirical research project in 10 organizations for health care and social care.  An important conclusion of this research is that it is necessary to involve all actors when the question “what is good care for this person in this situation” has to be answered. Although this enlarges the complexity that is always inherent in care processes and it also may cause conflict, it also creates an opportunity to get a better view on the existential and political meaning of care; and this is valuable.

At this moment, she participates in a research project on the professional identity of social professionals, which is centered around the question how to become (and be) an ethical actor in professional practice. She also participates in a research project with a focus on the needs of young mothers in the Netherlands, commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Health Care.

Mariël is inspired by the theory and practice of normative professionalization, which means that she takes it as her professional responsibility to support people who are going to work (or already working) in the field of health care and social care so that they can take their professional responsibility. For this aim, she initiates moral case deliberation sessions with students, teachers and professionals and other stakeholders in the social context.

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