Melissa Willemsen

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Function: Researcher
Research Group: Foreign Language Education, Literacy


Telephone: 088-4819046

M. (Melissa) Willemsen (1986) graduated in 2010 in Forensic Orthopedagogy at the University of Amsterdam and in 2011 as a Child and Youth Psychologist at Utrecht University. Starting in July 2011 Melissa began working at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (HU) in July 2011. In addition to her position at the HU, she has also worked as a researcher at the Netherlands Institute for Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology (NIFP). Here she has done research on the Wegingslijst PIJ-extension; a list to improve the assessment as to whether the term of psychiatric detention among young people in needs to be extended or terminated.

In 2011 Melissa began working for the Literacy Research Group. She started in data entry at the LIST project and now works as a researcher. Melissa is now involved in various research projects in different research groups and institutions. She is working with the project Learning to Teach, which is a collaboration between the research group and the Theo Thijssen Institute to implement the phase-bound lesson preparation forms (GLVF) in the course of study. Melissa is part of the team, coordinating communication among HU school liaisons, students and staff, as well as providing data structure and analyses for reporting. This project is an extension of Tamar Tas' doctoral research. In this study, Melissa supported Tamar in both data collection and construction of the data files. In addition, she is both part of project staff and is a researcher on the LIST project at the foundation level (PCBO). This is an integral school improvement project aimed at improving reading results. The integrated approach involves working at school, teacher and pupil level.

Since July 2017 she has also been a part of the research group for Teaching Methodology of Modern Foreign Languages. She is affiliated with the research group to focus on the further development and research into the developed method didactic observation instrument. She is engaged in the organization, distribution and adaptations of the instrument. Melissa has digitized the didactic observation instrument. In addition, she will deal with the data structure and the analysis of the incoming data.

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