Patrick van Veenendaal

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Function: Lecturer
Research Group: Mircrosystems Technology


Telephone: 0618497016

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Patrick van Veenendaal MSc. PhD has been working at Hogeschool Utrecht since 2011; first as Research Policy Coordinator, then as Grant Officer and subsequently as Program Manager of the Knowledge Center Technology & Innovation. Since 2017 he has been working as associate professor / senior lecturer at the Institute for Engineering & Design, focussing on Masters within IED and health technology, including the Fieldlab 3DMedical. Besides IED, he works within the research group Microsystems Technology on the Smart Industry for Smart Scoliosis Braces project, in which a multidisciplinary consortium is working on the future scoliosis brace.

Patrick van Veenendaal was trained as a materials engineer at Delft University of Technology, where he graduated on the gas phase deposition of silicon nanoparticles. After that he did his PhD research within the Surfaces, Interfaces and Devices group of Utrecht University on the topic of the deposition and characterization of thin film silicon solar cells. He completed this research with the thesis 'Hot-wire chemical vapor deposition or polycrystalline silicon - from gas molecule to solar cell'. After his PhD, Patrick worked as a program officer at Stichting FOM (NWO) and SenterNovem (currently RVO), where he carried out subsidy programs for physics and applied scientific research. He then worked as Department Secretary for the Kavli Institute for Nanoscience at TU Delft and as grant officer for the Social Sciences Group at Wageningen University, before joining Hogeschool Utrecht.

Multidisciplinary collaboration between different disciplines and at different levels is Patrick's motive, with his focus currently on health technology, because in the coming period many disruptive innovations will be applied to strengthen the cure & care.

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