Pieter Schilder

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Function: Researcher
Research Group: Methodology of Practice-based Research

Email: pieter.schilder@hu.nl

Telephone: +316-23342354

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Pieter Schilder has a broad range of skills, as is evident from his degree programmes: HTS Civil Engineering and a Master’s in Culture, Organisation & Management. After having worked as a freelance trainer for a number of years, he made the switch to HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht in 2007. During the first four years, he worked as a communication trainer in the Media Technology programme, after which he switched to Business Administration, where he has been working ever since. In addition to his work as a lecturer, he also fulfils various other roles, such as graduation coordinator and project manager in redesign. He has also been affiliated with the Research Group of Practice-based Research since 2015. He is regularly confronted, within all these roles, with the gap between education and practice, and the question as to the requirements research must meet for graduation. He thus operates at the cutting edge of research, practice and education, and focuses on the question of how high the bar should be set for graduation and what role professional research competence plays in that context. He would like to find an alternative view on the tension between practical relevance and methodical rigor. This perspective would bridge the gap between practice and the degree programme, and would do justice to both worlds, but would also be specific to Higher Professional Education (HBO). His goal is to achieve actionable knowledge or knowledge that helps the professional to act in practical situations. He also applies these insights to consultancy work derived from the Research Group, where he provides training and support for degree programmes with respect to the integration of research into education.

Methodology of Practice-Based Research

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