Pim Klamer

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Function: Researcher, PhD candidate
Research Group: New Energy in the City, Normative Professionalization

Email: pim.klamer@hu.nl

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Pim Klamer, PhD candidate, has been involved as a researcher in the research group Normative Professionalization since 1 May 2016. His research focuses on the (normative) professionalization of appraisers of (commercial) real estate such as office buildings etc.

Pim has been working at the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht since 2009 and teaches in the Bachelor programme Facility Management (IBA) and the Master Programme Urban and Area Development (IGO). Previously, as a spatial economist who graduated at the VU University Amsterdam, he gained approximately 10 years of international work experience in the domain of commercial property management.

Pim likes to study analytical issues. He conducts his PhD research with great pleasure and enthusiasm, but also attaches a great deal of value to the practical relevance of his research. His involvement with the Dutch Association of Real Estate Agents and Valuers  (NVM) as an education advisor contributes greatly to this, because his research will not only lead to educational recommendations within the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, but also to recommendations within the vocational training for valuation at the NVM.

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