Remco Coppoolse

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Research Group: Normative Professionalization


Dr. Remco Coppoolse studied physiotherapy, movement sciences and learning and development in organisations, and obtained his PhD on the theme of educational innovation. 

Remco has always been amazed by the dynamics of educational innovation, which can turn from enthusiasm to hassle. Over the past 20 years he experienced this dynamics as an innovator in all kinds of higher professional education programmes, such as a national skills package for physiotherapists, and in Master’s programmes and Honour programmes. In his work as a teacher for the Master’s programme Learning & Innovation, he met colleagues who got stuck in educational innovations because things moved in a completely different direction than they had thought up. This became his reason for wanting to study this dynamics, with its underlying mechanisms. 

Remco obtained his PhD on this theme, and is now attached as an expert to the core group “Educational Leadership” of the “Educational Innovation” programme. In addition, he now leads a research programme within the Research Group Normative Professionalization at the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. The central theme in his work is how leaders of innovation turn an initiative for change into a success. This combination of consultancy and research work makes it possible for him to not only develop new knowledge, but also to increase learning about educational innovation in practical settings. For an impression of Remco’s work and his dissertation, please visit: 

In recent years, he has combined his consultancy and research work with the coaching of project leaders for educational innovation initiatives in higher professional education. He also provides training activities in other education sectors for project leaders, line managers and other leaders of educational innovation, both at the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and from his own advisory practice. During his PhD research he wrote two books with his colleagues: 75 modellen van het onderwijs (‘75 Models of Education’) and Hoogvliegers (‘High-flyers’).