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Research Group: Marketing, Market Research and Innovation


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Renate just started at the research group Market Research, Marketing and Innovation where she studies interorganisational relationships to become a PhD candidate at the Utrecht Business School. For various reasons independent organizations work together in a network to create value. Renate is interested in the relationship between the process of shared meaning and the cohesion of the network. Understanding each other while working together is not so easy because of the different backgrounds of the independent partners in the network.
To begin with, Renate will look into the theory of place branding and place marketing where research already has been done at the role and function of specific places and brand development.
Since 2002, Renate is a lecturer at the HU University of Applied Sciences and teaches at the Institute of Communication (Communication Management) in corporate communications. Key concepts are identity, image, reputation, stakeholdermanagement, corporate branding and how to organize the communication of the corporate organization.
Most of her time, Renate is manager of Scompany, a student agency. At Scompany students work as a (junior) consultant for different clients (paid assignments).

Curriculum vitae

Communication Studies at the Radboud University (Nijmegen)
Commercial Economics at the Saxion University of applied sciences (Enschede)
Renate has worked as a communication consultant at two agencies (Bikker and Hill & Knowlton,

Marketing, Market Research and Innovation

Marketing, Market Research and Innovation

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