Rick de Graaff

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Function: Professor
Research Group: Foreign Language Education

Email: rick.degraaff@hu.nl

Rick de Graaff is fascinated by learning, teaching and using foreign languages for fostering/facilitating communication and understanding between people with different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Rick de Graaff became the head professor (lector) for the  Foreign Language Education Research Group at the University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht in 2016, and has been a Professor in Foreign Pedagogy and Bilingual Education at Utrecht University since 2012.

Rick de Graaff studied Liberal Arts at Utrecht University and Spanish Language Pedagogy at the University of Barcelona; he obtained a teaching degree in Spanish as a foreign language at Hogeschool Midden Nederland. In 1997 he received his PhD from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam on the effects of grammar instruction on second language acquisition.

Since 2002 Rick de Graaff has been a teacher educator, curriculum developer and language education researcher at the Utrecht University Teacher Education Institute. In 2012 he was appointed professor in Bilingual Education at the Faculty of Humanities, Utrecht University; in 2015 professor in Foreign Pedagogy. Between 2012 and 2015 he also held a chair in Language Pedagogy at Hogeschool Inholland, Amsterdam.

In 2016 Rick de Graaff was appointed ‘lector’ (professor) in Foreign Language Education at Hogeschool Utrecht, in collaboration with Utrecht University. Involving teacher educators and researchers, Rick de Graaff’s research group contributes to strengthening and evaluating pre-service and in-service curricula for foreign language pedagogy.

Research group Foreign Language Education

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