Ruben Vrijhoef

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Function: Professor
Research Group: Cultural Changes in the Construction Sector


Telephone: 0639251420

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Dr Ruben Vrijhoef (1972) is a senior researcher at the Department of Management in the Built Environment at the Delft University of Technology. In addition he is a Professor at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences in the field of urban construction and development. He has obtained his PhD degree from the Delft University of Technology on supply chain integration in construction. His research expertise includes supply chain management, lean construction, construction logistics, sustainable development, circular economy and strategic procurement in construction. He has undertaken various research projects, authored numerous publications, and guided implementations of process innovations in construction practice for many years. Current research activities include research and development programs with consortia of firms and governments aimed at innovative and centralized facilities for consolidated construction logistics in urban areas. This also includes digital coordination and control, and innovative procurement schemes aimed at improved logistics and resource efficiency, reduced environmental impact of construction transport, and increased potential of large scale recycling of construction and demolition waste in closed-loop urban infrastructures. In the field of construction supply chain management he has written and edited comprehensive works including the Construction Supply Chain Management Handbook.