Saskia de Wildt

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Function: Researcher
Research Group: Quality journalism in Digital Transition


Telephone: 088 - 481 82 83

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Saskia de Wildt is a visual storyteller and concept-designer. She combines a masters degree in International Development with a career in the Dutch Film industry as an Art-director. She creates social impact through her conceptstudio 'Gingertheworld' by visualising and challenging a broad variety of social issues. As part of a new research project; Exploring the limits of journalism, she now applies these methods for the J-lab.

The research project is lead by Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Journalistiek platform Verspers, creatieve broedplaats A-lab in Amsterdam en J-lab. Saskia will conduct practicebased reflections on the journalistic projects for this research in a multimedial manner.

Onderzoeksprojecten: Exploring Journalisms limits

Quality journalism in Digital Transition

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