Simone de Droog

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Function: Researcher
Research Group: Human Experience & Media Design


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Simone de Droog is a part-time researcher within the research group Crossmedia Business lectorate. She works among others on the MKB GameChangers project and various character marketing projects. Graduated in Communication Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, she specializes in the influence of (commercial) media and marketing techniques on the well-being of children. She prefers to use her knowledge to make the world more beautiful and fun for young target groups, for example by engaging in topics such as health, happiness, empowerment and play.

Over the years she has developed specific expertise in the field of "characters". These drawn or animated figures can be a powerful role model, provided they are used strategically. In doing so, aspects such as design, storytelling, cross-media, relationships (digital with the human dimension), engagement, and in particular evaluation and redesign through big data insights, have to be taken into account. In addition to her work for the research group, she is also a researcher and lecturer at Radboud University.