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Function: Researcher
Research Group: Methodology of Practice-based Research


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Dr Stijn Bollinger works as a researcher at the Research Group Methodology of Practice-based Research. He is also a lecturer at the Institute for Law, and he occasionally also works for the Research Centre for Social Innovation.
In 2013, Stijn Bollinger completed his doctoral research study into the development of the Dutch welfare state and the effect that this had on (faith-based) civil society during the twentieth century, through organizations such as the Salvation Army.
Within the research group for Methodology of Practice-based Research, he is working on a concept that describes how uncertainty works in reality as well as supervising research. Uncertainty is a natural part of the research process, but it is usually perceived as something negative - it is also often seen as undesirable because it can prevent the researcher from doing his work. Stijn's idea is that uncertainty is actually necessary in the research process. This means that when researchers recognize and acknowledge their own uncertainty, they can use this to actively achieve a richer research process. The supervisor of an uncertain researcher can use this idea to design better supervision and guidance. Stijn calls this tension between finding the right balance between certainty and uncertainty ‘Safe Uncertainty’.
At the Institute for Law, Stijn is responsible for designing the research component of the degree programme in Social Legal Services and he is also working on the development of Learning Communities. Additionally, he provides teaching in this field of research. This means both teaching research skills and supervising students with their research during their various years of study. Stijn is also working on innovations such as work field developments, teacher expertise and didactics.
Since gaining his PhD at the Research Centre for Social Innovation, Stijn has been involved in the faculty’s research into a common vision for 'good research teaching' and he is also helping to develop the Forensic Social Professional Master’s degree programme. Stijn sees it as important to search for and find the connection between the degree programmes in SJD and the Research Centre for Social Innovation in the field of research. 

His specializations are: historical research, research teaching, research didactics, the welfare state, the Salvation Army, civil society, organizational identity.

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