Wasim Alsaqaf

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Function: Researcher, PhD candidate
Research Group: Intelligent Data Systems

Email: wasim.alsaqaf@hu.nl

Telephone: +31634090218

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At Applied University Utrecht, Wasim Alsaqaf teaches at the study of ICT. He is also connected to the research group Architecture of Information Systems.

Within this research group, Wasim executes his PHD project which focuses on a system with quality attributes for big agile ICT projects. Earlier research suggested that agile development methods such as, scrum have a focus on functional attributes instead of quality attributes (or non-functional attributes), like the way a system can be expanded or modified. Ignoring these system attributes can result in the development of a system that does not reach the requirements of the customer, which can therefore not be used by them. Results of this research can help developers of agile development methods to increase their scale and performance of their projects. Besides, the result can be used to train and educate students better for their professional working life, in which agile development methods become more important and are implemented at a broader context.

Intelligent Data Systems

Information System Architecture

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