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Function: teacher-researcher
Research Group: Research Group Innovations in Preventive Care

Email: wieke.vanboxtel@hu.nl

Telephone: 06 - 18510004

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Wieke van Boxtel MSc will be doing research for the research group Innovations in preventive care within the research line interprofessional prevention. 

In 2016 she completed the Master Health Professions Education at Maastricht University with honors. This interprofessional master was the start of her curiosity to interprofessional collaboration and teaching. Interprofessional collaboration is one of the themes in the HU CASCO for healthprofessions programs. As theme leader of that subject she and colleagues have written a the vision on interprofessional collaboration in health care and she is involved in implementing this theme in the educational programs at the university of applied science Utrecht. Wieke also works as a lecturer at the Oral Hygiene program and has worked as a dental hygienist in various general dental practices until september 2017.

Within the line of research interprofessional prevention Wieke will perform research on early detection and screening of health risks for children in schools and develop and evaluate interprofessional preventive interventions to minimize these health risks. The goal is to let children grow up in health and to give them the ability to maintain healthy. 
Wieke believes that prevention is the future, especially in relation to the new definition of health. The adults of the future have to be ready and ecquiped to maintain healthy, so they have to learn this at an early age. 

In the past 3 years Wieke has spent much time on interprofessional learing, education and collaboration. She will continue to explore this theme in the future with great curiosity and enthousiasm through research and education within the research group and University of applied science Utrecht.

Research Group Innovations in Preventive care

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