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  • Yvette Sol PhD

    Yvette Sol PhD

    • Function:Lecturer, Researcher
    • Research Group:Science and Technology Education
    • Expertise:science and technology, primary education, secondary education, teachers’ education for primary education, professional behaviour of teachers, feedback and assessment, motivation and interest for science and technology, scientific reasoning
  • Daan Andriessen PhD

    Daan Andriessen PhD

    • Function:Professor
    • Research Group:Methodology of Practice-based Research
    • Expertise:methodology of applied research
  • Sue Ashley

    Sue Ashley

    • Function:Researcher, PhD candidate
    • Research Group:Vocational Education
  • Liesbeth Baartman

    Liesbeth Baartman

    • Function:Researcher
    • Research Group:Vocational Education
    • Expertise:assessment, vocational education, testing, quality of testing, student learning, school and workplace learning
  • prof. Cok Bakker PhD

    prof. Cok Bakker PhD

    • Function:Professor
    • Research Group:Normative Professionalization
    • Expertise:quality of education, compartmentalized education, professional performance of teachers in training, teacher autonomy, learning performance, philosophy, religion and education, theology, Normative Professionalization
  • Wilke van Beest

    Wilke van Beest

    • Function:Researcher, PhD candidate
    • Research Group:Marketing, Market Research and Innovation, Methodology of Practice-based Research
  • Laura Benvenuti

    Laura Benvenuti

    • Function:Researcher
    • Research Group:Digital Smart Services
  • Catherine van Beuningen

    Catherine van Beuningen

    • Function:senior researcher
    • Research Group:Foreign Language Education
  • Annoesjka Boersma

    Annoesjka Boersma

    • Research Group:Vocational Education
  • Stijn Bollinger

    Stijn Bollinger

    • Function:Researcher
    • Research Group:Methodology of Practice-based Research
    • Expertise:innovative social service provision, historical research, welfare, civil society, organizational issues, public administration issues, law foundation, church polity, historical development of the Dutch welfare, methodology of applied research, research didactics, organizational identity
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