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  • Leo Admiraal

    Leo Admiraal

    • Function:Researcher
    • Research Group:Participation, Care and Support
    • Expertise:innovative social service provision, participation, care and support, cooperation formal and informal care
  • Marc Anderson

    Marc Anderson

    • Function:Researcher
    • Research Group:Debt and Debt Collection
    • Expertise:collection, legal profession, rights, debts
  • Leendert de Bell

    Leendert de Bell

    • Function:Professor
    • Research Group:Organising change in the public domain
    • Expertise:entrepreneurship, emerging markets, economic development, international business
  • Jolanda Berends

    Jolanda Berends

    • Function:teacher-researcher
    • Research Group:Participation and Urban Development
  • Ineke van den Berg

    Ineke van den Berg

    • Function:Researcher
    • Research Group:Debt and Debt Collection
    • Expertise:general contract law, professional ethics, consumer law, property law, legal profession, professionalization of bailiffs, rights
  • Ab Bertholet

    Ab Bertholet

    • Function:Researcher, PhD candidate
    • Research Group:Coordination of Security
    • Expertise:educational innovation, risk intelligence, risk and crisis communication
  • Charlotte van Besouw

    Charlotte van Besouw

    • Function:teacher-researcher
    • Research Group:Innovative Social Services
  • Joep Binkhorst

    Joep Binkhorst

    • Function:Researcher
    • Research Group:Organising change in the public domain, Participation, Care and Support
    • Expertise:organisational configurations, work relations, cultural changes, cultural interventions, teacher professionalization, neighborhood-oriented work, participation, care and support
  • Lisette Bitter

    Lisette Bitter

    • Function:Researcher
    • Research Group:Working with Mandated Clients
    • Expertise:project coordination, working with mandated clients
  • Eveline Boers-Visker

    Eveline Boers-Visker

    • Function:PhD candidate
    • Research Group:Deaf Studies
    • Expertise:teacher training, deaf studies, deaf culture, deaf interpreter, deaf community, Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, language development in deaf people, interpreter processes, Dutch Sign Language
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