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  • Yvette Sol PhD

    Yvette Sol PhD

    • Function:Lecturer, Researcher
    • Research Group:Science and Technology Education
    • Expertise:science and technology, primary education, secondary education, teachers’ education for primary education, professional behaviour of teachers, feedback and assessment, motivation and interest for science and technology, scientific reasoning
  • Manon Bloemen

    Manon Bloemen

    • Function:Lecturer, senior researcher
    • Research Group:Lifestyle and Health
    • Expertise:children, child physiotherapy, child with disability, wheelchair, fitness, physical activity, movement behaviour, behavioral change, participation
  • Theo-van-den-Bogaart


    • Function:teacher-researcher, Lecturer, Researcher
    • Research Group:Mathematics Education
    • Expertise:mathematics education, teacher education
  • Peter Mesker

    Peter Mesker

    • Function:Lecturer, Lerarenopleider, Researcher
    • Research Group:Normative Professionalization
    • Expertise:teacher identity, Normative Professionalization, internationalization
  • Jan Nijen Twilhaar

    Jan Nijen Twilhaar

    • Function:Lecturer
    • Research Group:Deaf Studies
  • Patrick van Veenendaal

    Patrick van Veenendaal

    • Function:Lecturer
    • Research Group:Mircrosystems Technology
    • Expertise:material sciences, physics, grants, sustainability, health technology, program management, multidisciplinary collaboration