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  • Daan Andriessen PhD

    Daan Andriessen PhD

    • Function:Professor
    • Research Group:Methodology of Practice-based Research
    • Expertise:methodology of applied research
  • prof. Cok Bakker PhD

    prof. Cok Bakker PhD

    • Function:Professor
    • Research Group:Normative Professionalization
    • Expertise:quality of education, compartmentalized education, professional performance of teachers in training, teacher autonomy, learning performance, philosophy, religion and education, theology, Normative Professionalization
  • Leendert de Bell

    Leendert de Bell

    • Function:Professor
    • Research Group:Organising change in the public domain
    • Expertise:entrepreneurship, emerging markets, economic development, international business
  • Professor


    • Function:Professor
    • Research Group:Chronic Illnesses
    • Expertise:primary care, epidemiology, functional decline, multimorbidity, older people, nursing research, early detection and prevetion of acute events, district nursing, self-reliance
  • Prof. Beppie van den Bogaerde PhD

    Prof. Beppie van den Bogaerde PhD

    • Function:Professor
    • Research Group:Deaf Studies
    • Expertise:language development in deaf people, interpreter processes, Dutch Sign Language, deaf culture, deaf community, deaf studies, deaf interpreter
  • Jacqueline Bosker

    Jacqueline Bosker

    • Function:Professor
    • Research Group:Working with Mandated Clients
    • Expertise:reducing criminal behavior, probation, risk assessment, working with mandated clients
  • Hans Bouwknegt

    Hans Bouwknegt

    • Function:Professor
    • Research Group:Human Experience & Media Design
  • Prof. Elly de Bruijn PhD

    Prof. Elly de Bruijn PhD

    • Function:Professor
    • Research Group:Vocational Education
    • Expertise:vocational education, professional identity development, knowledge of students, student learning, teacher professionalization
  • Anita Cremers

    Anita Cremers

    • Function:Professor
    • Research Group:Co-design
    • Expertise:co-design
  • Andrea Donker

    Andrea Donker

    • Function:Professor
    • Research Group:Coordination of Security
    • Expertise:social security, personal approach, working alliance with mandated clients, development and reduction of antisocial behavior, developmental criminology, biocriminology
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